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Posters / Oral presentations

- TB or Malignancy: role of medical thoracoscopy in undiagnosed pleural effusions. BRONCOCON 2014

- Clinical profile of patients with CTEPH- Experience from a tertiary care centre in South India. NAPCON 2013. - Image guided transthoracic lung biopsies-A comparative study. NAPCON 2013

- Resistance pattern to WHO CATEGORY IV anti-tuberculous drugs in patients suspected of multidrug resistance tuberculosis presenting to a specialist clinic in Mumbai, India - ATS 2012

- Tolerance of Pirfenidone in Indian patients with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis - usual interstitial pneumonitis: Lower dosing? - ATS 2012

- Bleomycin induced lung disease treated with pirfenidone: first report- ATS2012

- Lymph node core retrieval comparison between 22 and 21 gauge EBUSTBNA needle - ERS 2012.

- Pirfenidone, proton pump inhibitor,N acetyl cysteine(PINPOINT) therapy for IPF: Tolerance and safety profile among Indian patients - ERS 2012

- BiPAP in advanced IPF: Hope for palliation? - ERS 2012

- Survey of bronchoscope disinfection practices by chest physicians attending IP CME in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra - ERS 2012

Workshops & Conferences

- Workshop on thoracic and critical care ultrasound 2014, Bangalore, India

- Workshop on Non Invasive Ventilation, 2014, Bangalore, India NAPCON 2013.

- IPL ( Interventional Pulmonology League ) 2014, Mumbai, India

- T20- Interesting cases of tuberculosis 2013, Mumbai, India

- IPL ( Interventional Pulmonology League ) 2013, Mumbai, India

- Stepwise approach to interventional pulmonology 2012, Mumbai, India

Work Experience

- Consultant interventional & Transplant Pulmonologist at BGS gleneagles global : Presently Working

- Consultant Pulmonologist at People Tree Hospitals, Gorguntepalya, Bangalore : Oct 2015 till Date

- Senior Resident, Department Of Pulmonary medicine, St Johns Medical College Hospital : Aug 2012 to july 2015

- Junior Consultant and Interventional Pulmonology trainee, Department of Lung Care, Fortis Hiranandani Hospital, Vashi, Navi Mumbai : Aug 2011 to May 2012

- Junior Resident, Department Of Pulmonary medicine, KLE Dr Prapbhakar Kore Hospital, Belgaum: May 2008 to may 2011